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Voted Number 1 bar for an after work drink in the Orlando area

Voted Best Dive (Orlando Weekly 2002)

Served Kissimmee, Florida for 27 years!






Welcome to Kissimmee's Big Bamboo Lounge, founded by Bruce Muir, pictured at left. Big Bamboo, if you're not familiar with it, is a small bar where Disney cast members and ex-cast members come to hang out. It is also a very popular spot for many British visitors. The drinks are cheap and the ambiance is ..eclectic. The atmosphere is comfortable and everyone feels right at home. The music is low enough that you can talk, and there is usually a lot of conversation. The music is mostly Big Band, Reggae and Buffet plus some 50's Rock and Roll.
You may see references to Big Bamboo in the media now and then; it's well known in this area and a favorite of many, Bar Napkins - you only get 3 sheetseven though its interior looks like a garage sale gone awry. Some of the tables are old wire rope spools, the Christmas tree in the corner is left up all year long, the bar napkins come on a round dispenser, only 3 sheets per visit and no one is overly fussy about cleaning the place.

Over the course of 15-20 years, cast members have contributed extensively to the decor, which initially started out displaying Bruce's paraphernalia from his navy aviator days. The walls now are completely covered with new and old Disney name tags, t-shirts, hats, and business cards. If you want to contribute your name tag or whatever, step right up and pin it or fasten it to some open section (if you can find one). Actually, the ceiling still has a lot of blank spots.

Lest it seem that Disney has a monopoly, it's only because so many cast members have been going there for years. Actually you can add items from any local business. There's foreign money taped behind the bar, there are aviator helmets, Sea World and Universal mementos, a few "unmentionables" and sundry items too numerous to mention.
People play chess there, or Trivial Pursuit; there's also a TV in one of the rooms - it only gets 2 stations, but. it is a TV. Sometimes the patrons order in pizzas, because except for some bagged chips and bar nuts, no food is served. There's bottle beer, draft beer, and your standard bar fare. There are no video games or electronic poker; most of the habitués are either regulars or older patrons who like to sit and talk and not be overwhelmed by either the music, the crowd, or the price.




Don't forget to bring CASH Since the Bamboo does not take Any Credit Cards.

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